Updating the Bublcam

Update Bublcam via Bubl Xplor App:

Updating your Bublcam will allow for improved performance and functionality with other parts of the Bubl ecosystem. Users can initiate a camera update from within the Bubl Xplor App. Go to Settings > Software Update and check if there is a new camera update. Follow the instructions in the mobile app and update your Bublcam. 


If updating through the Bubl Xplor App does not work as expected it is possible to update the Bublcam manually via SD card:

Please follow these instructions carefully to complete an update:

  1. Download the latest camera update file to the root of a microSD card
  2. Ensure that the Bublcam is fully charged 
  3. Power off the Bublcam and insert the microSD card into the Bublcam
  4. Turn on the Bublcam
  5. During boot-up the Bubl button will pulse blue which indicates that the update is installing. When the bubl button switches to green your camera is updated
  6. Use the Bublcam with the latest version of the Bubl Xplor App. Earlier versions of the app may not function as expected


How do I check the Bublcam's current firmware version?

  1. Open the Bubl mobile app
  2. Connect to the Bublcam (see "Connecting to the Bublcam" for more info). 
  3. Select settings > Bublcam
  4. "BUBLCAM v.YZ" will be listed near the top of your screen. The "YZ" is the current firmware version that your Bublcam is running
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    David Clark
    The apps insist there is a mandatory update (as at 20th January 2016) yet the apps fail to update it rendering it all useless. This page says (not available yet) in regards to an update. How the hell do we use these things?
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