The Bublcams Battery + Charging the Bublcam

We strongly recommend that you charge the Bublcam with the provided USB cable and power adapter and cannot guarantee the product if you use other micro USB cables while attempting to charge it. 

The Bublcam contains a non-removable, rechargeable 3.7 V 1300 mAh LiPo (lithium polymer) battery. For your convenience when your camera reaches 4% battery life the content that you’re currently capturing will be saved and the camera will shut down. Also, you will not be able to power on the Bublcam until it is charged to 20%+.


Can I charge/use the Bublcam when connected to a computer?

Yes, however you should not attempt to operate the Bublcam or have it powered on while charging through a computer USB port. Also, it will take longer to charge compared to using the power adapter and may not charge at all depending on if your computer USB port follows the USB charging standards


How long does it take to charge the Bublcam?

To fully charge the Bublcam from 0-100%, it will take ~2.5-3 hours. It will take ~35 minutes to charge from 0-25%, ~35 minutes to charge from 26-50%, ~35 minutes to charge from 51-75%, and ~1 hour to charge from 76-100%.

While charging, the bubl button will flash blue as follows:

  • once every 4 seconds when under 50% charged
  • 2 times every 4 seconds when between 50-74% charged
  • 3 times every 4 seconds when between 75-99%
  • will turn off when fully charged


How long does the Bublcam battery last?

On a full charge the Bublcam battery lasts 80 minutes total in an idle state. If you are taking photos the battery has approximately a 60 minute duration and a 45 minute duration if capturing video. You are able to capture media continuously if connected to an external power source.

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  • Avatar
    Can I capture media even when the bublcam is connected to external power source?
  • Avatar
    Edwin Anchundia

    Camera is fully charged, now it won’t power up, any solutions?

  • Avatar
    Edwin Anchundia

    Update: only turns on when plugged in power source.

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