Can the Bublcam give live video feedback to a wireless VR headset?

Not currently, however we are working on developing this capability. If you would like to see this as a feature for the Bublcam, please follow and upvote it here.

Currently, you can only view already captured content from a VR headset. 

Through the Bubl mobile applications (iOS and Android), you'll be able to change the viewing mode to "virtual reality", which will give you a "splitscreen" view of the content. Next, you simply place your mobile phone into a VR headset (such as Google Cardboard), put it on, and enjoy the immersive experience!

Our mobile application is currently available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store under the name "Bubl Xplor App". This app will allow you to capture, view, upload, share and interact with spherical content captured via the Bublcam including VR mode.

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    Luis Spain
    In addition to updating the app for VR mode, there are many more points to improve and other options to add more also an intuitive interface the app more user friendly and more accessible.
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