Using Time-lapse

The Bublcam can capture a time-lapse by taking multiple photos over a pre-determined period of time. The photos will appear as separate files on your media view . If you would like to use them to create a time-lapse video, you will have to import these raw files into editing software to create the video. See How To Create Time-Lapse Videos Using Adobe Premiere for instructions on the editing process once you've captured your time-lapse files. 

To trigger a time-lapse capture:

  1. Connect your device to the Bublcam and open the mobile app.
  2. From the app home screen, select Capture .
  3. Select the more button to access the side panel.
  4. Select “Time-lapse”.
  5. There are two sliders. One controls the interval between time-lapse photos (15 seconds - 180 seconds). The other controls the duration of the entire time-lapse (1 minute - 60 minutes). The number of photos is calculated with these numbers. Unlimited duration: if you set the time-lapse duration to 0, the Bublcam will continue to capture time-lapse photos until you select the capture button to stop it...or until the Bublcam powers off.

  1. Close the side panel.
  2. Tap the capture button to begin capturing your time-lapse. The Bublcam will proceed to capture photos based on the intervals and duration that you’ve set.


NOTE: Time-lapse is cancellable, if the Bublcam is in between captures (during waiting state) and you select the capture button, the time-lapse will stop or shutdown respectively.


The file name format is “txxxyyyy” where xxx indicates the time-lapse index and yyyy is the image number within the current time lapse index. eg. t0010274, t0010275.


IMPORTANT: To complete the creation process of a time-lapse video, you must see How To Create Time-Lapse Videos Using Adobe Premiere for instructions on the editing the files once you've captured your time-lapse. 


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