Capturing videos with the mobile app (remote control) from your device

When capturing video from the mobile app, make sure you’re device is connected to the Bublcam and that you’ve downloaded the “Bubl Xplor App”. For instructions on how to connect to your Bublcam, please see Downloading and Connecting to the Mobile App.


  1. Power on and connect your device to the Bublcam, then open the Bubl app on your device.
  2. From the app home screen, select Capture 
  3. Toggle to Video  mode by tapping the capture mode icon.
  4. Tap the capture button to begin capturing video. The Bubl button will begin a slow red flash, then quick red flash (~3 seconds) and will begin capturing.
  5. Tap the capture button to stop capturing. The Bubl button will pulse yellow while saving the file.
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