Upload media to Bubl Cloud from the mobile app

  1. Access any bubl through My Media  or the capture screen thumbnail.
  2. While viewing the media, select More .

3G, 4G, LTE users:

  • Tap “Upload media to Bubl Cloud”. NOTE: You must be connected to the internet for the upload to work

WiFi users:

  • Tap “Save to My Bubl App”
  • Navigate back to your devices WiFi network settings and connect to your internet WiFi hotspot
  • Return to the mobile app, view the file that you want to upload under My Media > “My Media: your device name” and select “More”
  • Tap “Upload media to Bubl Cloud”
  1. You will now be prompted to create a Bubl account. Please register by filling out the displayed fields and selecting “Register”.
  2. Customize your title and description and select “Save”.

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