Memory & microSD cards

The Bublcam stores media directly to an insertable microSD card, which does not come directly with purchasing a Bublcam. You can buy or use your own microSD card. We strongly recommend a minimum of UHS-1. If you use less than UHS-1 we can’t guarantee the full experience and you may notice lost frames in video capture.


To help you pick the size of the card you need, a typical Bublcam video captures at 1MB/second and an image is around 5-8MB.


File Format




~8 MB


H.264 compressed MP4

~1 MB/second


It’s important to note that the Bublcam is compatible with any size microSD card up to and including 32GB. Anything larger than 32GB is not compatible with the Bublcam. Most cards are formatted when you purchase them, but if it’s not, it needs to be formatted into FAT32. Brands we recommend are: Lexar, SanDisk and Samsung EVO.

The mobile app will alert you when your microSD card is full. When you receive this alert you can transfer the files off or exchange it with another card. The mobile app will also alert you when you attempt to capture a bubl without an microSD card inserted into the Bublcam.

WARNING: You must never remove the card when you’re saving photos/videos (when the Bubl button is yellow) or you will risk losing the current capture.

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