Can the Bublcam stream live?

The Bublcam is currently capable of closed network live streaming - in other words it generates a preview of what is around it, but cannot broadcast this via the internet. When your Bublcam is connected to a device, you will be able to view this preview. Our software automatically stitches the views from each lens together to give you a full spherical preview.

Currently, the Bublcam is only capable of localized closed network preview via the mobile app. Web based broadcasting is a feature we are looking at making available in the near future.

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    Sebas Blanco

    I'm less than 2 meters from my bublecam and the localized closed network preview via the mobile app fails constantly. I bought this camera thinking that the Live Streaming , web based boradcasting was a fact. So frustrated with the limitations into lighting, object distances, files uploading, re aligment conditions, HDR complicated process... so far I'm happy to finally receive my bublecam and trying to be as much postive as possible about it...

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    Andrew Hutchings

    Hi Sebas,

    I understand that you're having difficulties with wifi connection amongst other issues. Please see I Cannot Connect My Device To The Bublcam and Best Practices For Using The Bublcam to address some of these issues.

    In regards to Lighting - The Bublcam performs the same as any other 5MP camera sensor would in this type of darker environment, except it has no built in flash. Please see Using The Bublcam In Low Light Settings for more info and suggestions on use in low light environments.

    Re-alignment - The alignment may seem off for your first few images, however as you continue to capture images in good environments (as outlined in Getting Started), you'll notice a better alignment. If you're still having issues, you can attempt the Image Re-alignment process in the mobile app. Here are instructions and more info on that process: Image Re-Alignment: How To Improve The Stitch For Misaligned Images.

    HDR process - Currently right now we only give you the ability to capture the HDR image at the exposure levels that you want, but you'll have to layer them together in editing software such as Photoshop to create the final product. We're working on producing this final image for you directly in the app.

    Also, you're correct in that we currently do not support live streaming via the web as we wanted to get this camera to our beta users as quickly as possible considering the delay many had experienced. Please see Live Stream The Bublcam To The Web to follow, upvote, and comment on the product suggestion.

    For further assistance with your feedback, we'll be in touch via email.

    Thanks for your patience :)

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