Why does it seem as though there is a lot of digital noise in my photos/videos?

We are continually working on improvements in our sensor settings to make them as versatile as possible in all lighting situations to allow for the final image to be as noise-free as feasible in all instances. Some photos have complex lighting situations with dark and light areas between each lens. We are continuing to make improvements in sensing and any updates to our settings will also be accessible by users though a software update so you will continue to benefit from improvements even after receiving the camera.

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    Waleed Alawadhi

    Hi. There is like a Y shaped black shadow through the whole screen before and after capturing a photo or video, Causing misalighment of opjects crossing the Y shaped black shadow.

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    Andrew Hutchings

    Hi Waleed,

    In order for me to better assist you, can you please send me a bubl.io example link of this issue? You can put it here or email me at andrew.hutchings@bublcam.com. We'll get this figured out for you :)

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