Viewing Bublcam content on VR headsets such as Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, etc

Through the Bublcam mobile applications (iOS and Android), you are able to change the viewing mode to VIRTUAL REALITY , which will give you a "splitscreen" view of the content.

Next, you simply place your mobile phone into a VR headset (such as Google Cardboard), put it on, and enjoy the immersive experience!

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    Jarem Archer

    The above is incorrect as the Bublcam app does not support the Gear VR. The Oculus Home app automatically launches when you insert the phone into the headset, thus quitting Bubl Xplor.

    To make it worse, the Xplor app doesn't allow you to save content directly to your phone's gallery so that other apps can access them. You're basically left with one option: Use Xplor app to upload your photos/recordings to Bubl's cloud platform, download each of them using your PC (their Xplor site is inaccessible from your phone), then retransfer them back to your phone's gallery folder, then use a 3rd-party application to view the spherical content.

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