Inserting and Removing a microSD card

Insert a microSD card into the microSD slot label face down (exposed chip face up) and push in until it clicks into place.

To remove a microSD card, lightly push the card edge inwards with your fingernail. It will spring loose from the slot and you can remove it.

Recommended memory card requirements:

  • microSD or microSDHC
  • at least Class 10 UHS-1
  • FAT32 formatted - FAT16 formatted will not work
  • maximum 32GB - Important: the Bublcam does not support memory cards greater than 32GB, eg. 64GB cards will not work.


NOTE: You will be unable to capture bubls if you turn the Bublcam on before inserting the microSD card. Also, you will lose media if you eject the card while capturing.


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