Raw file format and size produced by the Bublcam

The raw files outputted by the Bublcam are JPEG and H.264 compressed MP4 for photo and video respectively. The raw file comes off the microSD card in a "multiplex" format, which is each of the fisheye views from the 4 lenses combined into a quadrant.




You can also access the raw file in an equirectangular format, which is the full sphere projected out on to a flattened map.




Typically the file storage required is 1 MB/second for video (up to 10 MB/second in very low light) and 5-8 MB per photo. So for example, a 32GB card could hold 32000 MB / 3600 sec = 8.88 hours. For photos, 32000 MB / 8 MB = 4000 photos.  



File Format




~8 MB


H.264 compressed MP4

~1 MB/second

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