Uploading/Processing failed errors

The Bubl Cloud can only process certain types of files. Here are the requirements:

  • The file format must be either JPEG (photos) or MP4 (videos)
  • File must be either:
    • Multiplex - raw file produced by Bublcam with 4 quadrants representing each lens.
    • Equirectangular - flattened spherical file with 2:1 ratio - You can download the equirectangular version of media captured with the Bublcam by uploading the multiplex to the Bubl Cloud > accessing My Media and then selecting download.
  • If you have edited the file in post production/editing software, please ensure that the file remains a 2:1 dimension ratio, otherwise you will see a processing error.
  • Do not import your files using software such as iPhoto or Dropbox, you will receive a processing error. 


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    David Popken

    What are the exact MP4 settings the cloud needs to accept an MP4 video file? The Bubl.io cloud is rejecting multiplex files after trimming length with a processing error.
    I've tried all kinds of code and sometimes the picture appears on the web during uploading. The cloud sends down a processing error once the upload is finished. On the other hand, I was able to re-compress a equirectangular file and upload with a m4V container, but sadly it didn't work for the mutiplex videos.

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    Justin Mijal

    I did everything listed here, and mine are still failing as well. Youtube accepts the files just fine.

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