How to flip or rotate media

Currently the Bublcam can only capture content right side up. It does have an accelerometer built in, but this has not yet been enabled. A future software update will ensure the content has a stable horizon so there will not be a need to "flip or rotate" the media.

For now, if you do capture media that appears upside down, you can flip/rotate it using one of the following methods:


  1. Upload the media to the Bubl Cloud (
  2. Download the equirectangular version of the file from Bubl Cloud ( > My Media. 
  3. Import the file into Photoshop. 
  4. Go to "Image > Rotate Canvas > Flip Vertical".
  5. Select "OK".


Other programs you can use to flip / rotate content include: Final Cut Pro, Premiere, After Effects or other video/photo editing software suites.

To do this, download the equirectangular, open it within your post-production program. Flip the content and export in the same file format, keeping the aspect ratio the same. Upload the new file to for viewing.

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